Impurity (US Death Metal, Gainesville, FL) was formed in October of 1998 by Damian Scott & Andrew

Thorkildson. The band has undergone many lineup changes through the years, the current lineup

consisting of Damian Scott (Vocals), Jeremy Caldwell (Guitars), Mike Lindenmuth (Guitars), Darby Salter

(Bass), and Mike Shaw (Drums).




Impurity has shared the stage with well-known acts such as Deicide, Amon Amarth, Malevolent

Creation, and many others. The band has had extensive experience with live performances for more than a decade.




As of 2014, the band has released 2 EPs, 1 LP, and 1 Promo, and is set to release a second full-length in

the coming months. The release details are as follows:

Subjugation of Mankind (1999 EP, Self-Released)

Unearthly Affinity (2003 EP, Nuclear Winter Records)

Of Lust and War (2007 LP, Butchered Records)

Promo 2009 (3-Song Promo, Self-Released)

Reign or Ruin (2014 LP, Coming Soon)



In early 2012, the band tracked drums and guitars at Diet of Worms Studios. After spending a day in the

studio, Shaw and Scott took the material to Shaw's home-based studio and collaborated on the project's

various stages. The work done in Shaw's studio entailed recording the vocals & bass guitar for all of

the songs, and with assistance from Scott, Shaw then completed the mixing and mastering processes,

effectively completing the project in October of 2014. During this time, Justin Wood, who had handled

drum duties on the recording, parted ways with the band and was replaced by Shaw, who had recorded

bass guitars for the release.



Set for release in late 2014, the band's second full-length album "Reign or Ruin" promises to serve as a

foul treat from this long-standing Florida death metal powerhouse. Fans of death metal's early days are

sure to be quite pleased by this latest offering, which cleverly combines elements found in both the new

and old school death metal styles.